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"A 40 Year Favorite"  
Whenever my parents had to go to the Cherry Hill or Philadelphia area for some errand we would always stop at Ponzios on the way home to our Vineland farm. My favorite would be when the whole family would go, and we would stop to have dinner. I ALWAYS got the chopped sirloin with mushroom gravy. 40 years later-that is still my favorite meal at Ponzios. It may even be my favorite meal period. Although I did learn to order other things such as I got older, the chopped steak was and is still my #1 choice. And it still tastes just as delicious as it did 40+ years ago. Over the years, Ponzios became a place for all of my divergent family to meet , being somewhat of a halfway point between those living in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Now my family meets at Ponzios at least once a month, if not more, and my nephews and nieces are there. They have been coming since they were the age I was back in the 60's, even earlier perhaps, and they all have their own favorites there. I am sure they will take their children there as well. Ponzios is part of our family and our family history. May it always be there for future generations!!!!!
  Eve T. From Oakyln, NJ 

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