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"My Favorites"  
PONZIO'S MANY HAPPY RETURNS For those who have never eaten at Ponzio's, Try it, it's awesome, says someone who knows. For 20 years plus it's been our #1 place, So read my favorites, I'll prove my case. For breakfast I've compared, their omelettes are the best; If you like French toast, it's better than all the rest. Lunch and dinner specials are more than you can eat; Everything's cooked to order with a price you can't beat. Crab and tuna melts, burgers, soups and wraps, All this and more puts Ponzio's on the maps. May I recommend the piccata? Choose chicken or veal. We've tried it at expensive restaurants, but it's a disappointing meal. Ponzio's is the most tender, you can cut it with a fork; In addition to the veal you can savor steak, fish or pork. Soup or salad, 2 veggies- you get to choose; Delicious rolls and breads- how can you lose? Tiramisu, chocolate mousse cheesecake are delectable after your meal; Teas and flavored coffee will surely seal the deal. Ponzio's knows how to fill every seat. We hope you'll join us- we'd love to meet!
  Lucille M. From Voorhees, NJ 

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