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"Fond Memories"  

In 1974 as I was sitting in my math class at 9AM in CHHS [Cherry Hill High School] East. Two of my friends were at the door saying I was needed in the office. I was allowed to go. As we walked in the halls,they said "lets go to Ponzios for breakfast. We left school, and went to eat. We all were having our meal, enjoying a cinnamin roll, toasted of course and reveling the fact we skipped school.

When we asked for a refill on our coffee the waitress had something to say. She said "your father is in the booth down the aisle and he said to tell you that he would pay our bill, and to get our butts back to school. "I looked up and saw my father waving to me I was mortified, I kissed him on the way out and went back to school.

That night he gave me a ponzios credit card. As he handed the card to me (I WAS SO SCARED) he said "GET AN EARLIER START EACH DAY AND GO TO PONZIOS TO HAVE BREAKFAST. WHEW I DODGED A BULLET.

After that my dad and I met at ponzios at least 3 morning a week, with all of my early bird friends in tow. Those day are so dear to me,my father died 26 years ago, I miss him everyday, STILL... But when I go to Ponzios today , I am Flooded with wonderful memories of him,especially the day he caught me. We were best friends after that.

  Nina Y. From Mt. Laurel, NJ 

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