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"Not Your Typical Diner!"  

I am from Philly and we never went to diners too much so when I moved to Cherry Hill and my now husband suggested we go to Ponzio's for dinner on a Saturday night date, I was appalled! "A diner??!!" I thought, "What kind of date is that?"

But to my surprise, Ponzio's was not your typical diner! There were so many good dinners on the menu and the portions were excellent! The dinners came with a huge salad and the best dinner rolls (mmm....that cinnamon bread and cheese roll!) around. And the desserts were not to be believed!

You can bet I changed my mind about Jersey diners (although none is quite like Ponzio's.) We not only go for dinner, but weekend breakfasts are also on our list! And our 14 year old son always compares everyone else's french onion soup; none is as good as Ponzio's.

Thanks, Ponzio's!

  Elisa S. From Cherry Hill, NJ 

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