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"A Journey to Ponzio's"  
At thousands of miles in the air, en route for my annual trip home to New Jersey from working overseas in Europe, the experience still stayed with me. After 34 years, nothing could diminish or fade the memory of a family meal at Ponzio's in Cherry Hill. Each year, usually at Christmastime, my 8-hour flight was made more enjoyable knowing that, upon arrival, the beautiful, joyful faces of my family would be waiting to greet me and whisk me off to a "Welcome Home" dinner at our favorite diner in Cherry Hill. My eyes closed on the plane, in complete reverie, as the warmth and excitement of Ponzio's filled my senses -- wonderful welcoming staff and fabulous, unmistakable aromas. I felt the excitement I always did as a child and young adult, knowing the treat awaiting me. Even as I would savor and appreciate all of the fine cafes, trattorias and restaurants in Europe, one memory could always warm my soul when homesickness set in -- that my friends at Ponzio's, greeting me and serving me their renowned, fresh and excellent cuisine in a warm, clean atmosphere of delight, followed by eye-popping and delicious, fanciful pastries and desserts, would always be there, celebrating me home
  Lois M. From Clementon, NJ 

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