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Ponzio's 50th Logo




"An Act of Kindness"  
As a teacher, I try to emphasize random acts of kindness to my students. Six years ago on a hot summer day, my husband Jon and I crossed over Rt. 70 near our Locustwood home to enjoy a walk which took us thru the winding roads of the Erlton community. Several hours later we found ourselves on Kings Highway tired, sweating, thirsty, and heading towards our favorite eatery. We stopped at Ponzios hoping we could just get a glass of water since we had no money with us. Chris, however, saw our condition and invited us to stay for breakfast and a brief rest. Even though we said we didn't have our money with us, Chris displayed a random act of kindness and said we could bring the money another time. We were eternally grateful, never forgot this benevolence, and continue to consider Ponzios our "home away from home."
  Marcia H. From Cherry Hill, NJ 

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